Urethane Casting

Urethane casting

Urethane casting is a fast and cost-effective method of producing small series from a silicone mold. A silicone mold is made with the help of a prototype which serves as the basis for the duplication process of the original piece. Thanks to the flexibility of the silicone, complex intermeshing geometries can be achieved without demoulding problems. The base material used for the reproductions is a liquid polyurethane resin which with the use of additives can simulate the properties of a wide variety of plastics. Between 15 and 30 parts can be produced depending on the requirements of the material and surface finish. This method is ideal for the production of small batches and prototypes in which the production of expensive injection molding tools is not feasible.

Polyurethane Resins Materials

We stock dozens of different polyurethane resins materials that are suitable for various part applications and industries. 100% imported from Japan and Europe.

Urethane Casting Materials

Cast urethane parts are often compared to injection molding materials. We group our urethane materials into general categories to help you make quicker decisions and get the best performance on your project. The list below describes the categories of materials and technical examples when selecting polyurethanes.

Urethane Color Options

Polyurethanes can be blended with pigments to achieve a variety of colors. Naturally, a urethane may be amber to milky-white in color. Our clear urethane options are formulated to be colorless. Below are all of our color options:

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