Wafer Separators

Wafer Separators

Separator Paper is used when stacking wafers for shipment or storage. They are also used as temporary covers when wafers are stored between process steps. Separator Paper is available to suit any wafer size.


  • Apply to wafer canister and wafer jar
  • Use Dupont Tyvek paper, It is lint free, high burst strength,
  • smooth surface prevent scratch to the wafer.
  • the surface resistance is 106~1011
  • Extremely low sodium (1 PPM) and sulphur (1 PPM) content
  • Meet the EU ROHS/REACH directive and the world environment regulation
  • Special grade resists triboelectric charging is also available
  • LONGTECH can also provide product customization
  • Wafer separator has two surfaces: WSE and WSF


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