Mounted Carriers

Mounted Carriers

Mounted carriers are used in Glass & Substrate polishing processes, especially for those workpieces less than 0.3mm thick to protect the edge of the glass and other fragile products from chipping and other damages.

It is a perfect complementary solution of our insert carriers for polishing those
high valued thinner products whose thickness from 0.1mm up to 0.3mm.

We provide a wide variety of mounted materials and mounting solutions based on differernt carrier designs, lapping liquids, and substrate types to maximize
the strength and durability of the attachment from the mounted parts to body

Our sophisticated engineers will be always with you on your issues, your headaches, and your needs.


  • Thickness available from 0.1mm up to 1.2mm
  • Body Materials: SUS304
  • Fit for workpieces size from 100mm up to 450mm
  • Improving workpieces performance on TTV / TIR
  • Minimize the products edge damage
  • High precise mounted
  • perfect mounting strength and durability

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