Lapping & Polishing Carriers

Lapping & Polishing Carriers

We are specialized  in high precision manufacturing on lapping & Polishing carriers (Workholders) for double-side polishing and lapping processes with more than 5 years. We know exactly our customer requirements on product reliability, durability and precision performance.

Our lapping carrier takes wide variety of thickness from 0.03mm to 1.27mm, size from 3B to 32B.


  • G-10 / FR-4 (Glass reinforced epoxy laminate)
  • Spring Steel (Blue steel)
  • Stainless Steel
  • Phenolic / Paper, Linen, Canvas
  • PVC / Polycarbonate / Vinyl
  • Insert Carriers
  • Coated Carriers
  • Mounted Carriers (for Substrates less than 0.3mmT)

We always keep the same path with our customers on the new materials, technologies and processes, customized design and materials are fully supported

Machines & Tools Matched

With the years experience we gained during the cooperation with many world class customers, our lapping carriers are guaranteed to precisely match with almost all of the lapping machines we have ever heard. Customized designs and manufacturings will be provided under your detailed specifications include gear configurations, pocket geometries, etc.

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