Insert Carriers

Insert Carriers

Insert carriers are widely used in wafer grinding & Polishing processes to protect the edge of the wafer from damaging.

We provide a wide variety of inserted materials and injection molding based on differernt carrier alloys, designs, lapping liquids, and substrate types to maximize the strength and durability of the attachment from the insert parts to body carriers.

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  • Insert: PA, POM, PU, etc. (Reinforced with Glass Fiber, Aramid Fiber, Teflon, etc.)
  • Body Materials: SK5, CK75, CK101 etc.
  • Thickness available from 0.340mm up to 1.270mm (our mounted carriers will perfectly overcome the difficulties for insert carriers less than 0.3mmT)
  • Fit for wafer size from 100mm up to 450mm
  • Improving wafer performance on TTV / TIR
  • Minimize the wafer edge damage

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